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Welsh Resources

Following the successful introduction of the award winning Creative Learning Journey Creative Curriculum in many schools across the UK, providing a renewed enthusiasm for both teaching and learning, we are now delighted to launch this unique, innovative, easy to use resource in Wales.

The Creative Learning Journey has developed the curriculum for Wales incorporating the new documentation draft for Numeracy and Literacy provides a skills continuum from Nursery to Year 6 with Welsh Curriculum Range in the 7 areas of learning.Includes the Welsh Numeracy and Literacy
welsh resources

All skills are in line with the Welsh Curriculum including the full “Welsh Range”.
The complete skills automatically drop down into the 7 areas of learning. It includes all subjects which are arranged in areas of learning. Welsh Second Language is also included.

It provides teachers with a resource that will deliver a meaningful, exciting and motivating curriculum that is flexible, easily accessible and can be adapted to suit the needs of individual pupils, groups and classes. Schemes of work can now be part of this ongoing process as the resources include the skills and range required to deliver the new curriculum requirements.

You can easily check your skills with the Welsh curriculum “range” to make sure you cover the Welsh curriculum. A complete progression of skills from Foundation to Year 6 on-line planning topic wheels, a full skills assessment and resources section provides schools with the opportunity to explore their own creativity and benefit from a complete creative curriculum.

The ONLINE wheels personal development programme gives you the opportunity to create your own thematic wheels, where all the skills from the Early Years 0-5 to year 6 drop down in the areas of learning, plus Welsh development allowing you to choose the skills you wish to keep for your thematic wheel. You can create a personal development wheel, class wheel, or a general wheel with all the skills from any area of learning and from any year group to make a truly inclusive wheel.

The ONLINE planning allows the wheels you have created to be brought into you weekly, monthly and termly plans. All skills come direct into your weekly plans and you can cut and paste your content and activities from your wheel. Take all the skills direct into your pupil assessment by clicking on the skills you have completed that week. 

The ONLINE pupil assessment programme allows you to track all the skills each child has completed with a comment and date together with a built in Red Amber and Green traffic light system. This enables you to show progression, personal development and performance of every child in your school. The reporting function gives you the ability to print out reports for individual children, groups, classes or the whole school, showing the skills comments and dates they were achieved. End of year reports at the touch of a button.

The resource gives you a complete inclusion development programme with all the skills to allow you to be creative, integrating all pupils into a creative curriculum, helping them to achieve their full potential.

We can arrange a FREE online demonstration of how the CLJ works, call now to book a conference call and on line demonstration. 01634 716222

Welsh Resources available - Click here to view the pack information
welsh school pack