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What people are saying about the Creative Learning Journey - The new National Curriculum available NOW

The Creative Learning Journey has received praise from teachers, OFSTED and the media.
If you don't have time to read through everything here are just a handful of remarks:

Head teacher
Its the best thing we ever did
Mrs A. Turnbull, Abbotts Ann C of E Primary School, 

Head teacher
It saves my teachers so much time, they can plan together, share resources with other schools, get ideas and topics. Tracks everything for them and even gives them child progress reports.

Head teacher
The Creative Learning Journey has freed our staff from the shackles of a stale and overly prescriptive curriculum model. Being a special needs school, our curriculum has to be flexible and dynamic in response to the needs of a whole range of learners. The Creative Learning Journey has provided us with the perfect platform to achieve this. Our pupils and staff have been able to work collaboratively to develop imaginative and exciting themes that encourage the acquisition and development of new and fundamental skills to ensure that every pupil realises their full potential.
Teachers, Support Staff, Pupils and Parents are far more involved in the planning and evaluation process thanks to the user friendly format of the Creative Learning Journey. The doors of our classrooms have been opened wider to our parents and family members who have been inspired by the children’s learning presentations shared at the celebratory events at the end of each term. In short, The Creative Learning Journey has proven to be a breath of fresh air, bringing with it real and sustainable change to the way we teach our lessons and learn together as a school community.   
Three Ways School, Bath - Mr Ben Edwards

The CLJ fits so well, that we know we are still providing the National Curriculum. But the CLJ is so much more than just a curriculum; it gets children motivated and excited in learning, it provides a very strong focus, it relates to the learning needs of every child.

visit the link to see what Ofsted and teach primary think

OFSTED reports of schools using the Creative Learning Journey

The improvement continues with the recently established, well-planned creative curriculum which has greatly increased pupils' motivation to learn.

Literacy skills, including writing, are fully integrated into the curriculum, giving a purpose to writing and raising pupils' enthusiasm for it. Pupils' work and recent assessment data show that this approach is rapidly closing the gaps between boys' and girls' learning, including in writing.

You are right when you say teachers make learning 'interesting and fun' because of the many different ways in which they teach you. They make excellent use of what they know about how well each of you is doing when they plan your lessons. You told me the new curriculum is really good because you get the chance to influence what you learn, and that topic work is 'especially interesting'. You certainly work very hard on this in lessons and at home, and persevere with the many different challenges put your way. Keep this up and you will continue to do really well. - OUTSANDING  -
Ofsted Inspection of Colwich CofE (C) Primary School, Stafford, -

The creativeness of the outstanding curriculum shapes the high quality of teaching seen during the inspection. The curriculum is outstanding because it is highly creative and very flexible.
It provides each and every child with the chance to excel.
Ofsted inspection of Chingford Hall Primary – 

The curriculum makes a strong contribution to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. An effective feature of the curriculum is that a wide range of subjects are linked effectively and taught well. This has been most effective in raising standards in reading and writing...
Kemsing  - sept 13 Ofsted report

The curriculum provides a good range of activites that are well planned so activities lead to good progress. The curriculum engages pupils’ interests and motivates them well. Literacy is carefully planned across the curriculum so that pupils’ writing, including that for different groups, develops well.
Ofsted for Manor Way Primary – Halesowen West Midlands -

Leading Aspect Award
The Creative Learning Journey is an innovative, exciting approach in which the curriculum is used to help children develop along a skills and attitudes continuum. This framework offers a starting point for schools in making the change from an existing curriculum to this new way of planning.
Christabel McLean, Leading Aspect Award Verifier,

Times Educational Supplement
'I have found the holy grail. It is in a far corner of south London called Bexley, and it shines like a beacon. It is already attracting pilgrims from across the land. Called the Creative Learning Journey, it is a more natural way of learning, say the teachers involved. The children like it too.'
Diane Hofkins, TES Primary Editor,

Ofsted/Bexley Council
Bexley Primary Head Teachers have led the development of this nationally significant curriculum development. The Creative Learning Journey promotes a more creative approach to learning whilst placing a central focus on basic skills development and raising standards.
Bexley Council, Directorate of Childrens & Young Peoples Services, Annual Performance Assessment & Joint Area Reviews 

 Follow the links below to see what they have said:

The curriculum is well planned to ensure learning progresses systematically and that pupils experience a broad range of activities. The pupils feel the curriculum is shaped for them so they are well motivated by their tasks