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Special Educational Needs

CLJ SEN products CLJ SEN products
Through the continued success of The Creative Learning Journey we have been aware of the need to encompass groups of children and schools that require some special attention and a different level of skill sets to help with their specific educational requirements including the National Curriculum.

Our curriculum takes the P scales and breaks them down into 5 levels within each area of learning, and into skill sets. The SEN curriculum gives you all the skills from Early Years 0-5 and P levels to year 6, in the 7 areas of learning from 0-5 into Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. This allows for the continuation of inclusion and personalised programmes of learning for every child, giving the chance for equality of opportunity for all pupils. A curriculum to meet the needs of every child with the curriculum.

The SEN school resource consists of the ONLINE wheels personal development programme, ONLINE Planning, and ONLINE skills personal assessment programme. The resources gives you all the skills from P levels to year 6, to take the levels from P scales into EYFS and years 1 to 6. This gives teachers the tool to set realistic and challenging goals for children. It inculudes all the outcomes for the 2014/15/16 curriculum.

The ONLINE wheels personal development programme gives you the opportunity to create your own thematic wheels, where all the skills from the Early Years 0-5 and P levels to year 6 drop down in the 7 areas of learning, allowing you to choose the skills you wish to keep for your thematic wheel. You can create a personal development wheel, class wheel, or a general wheel with all the skills from any area of learning and from any year group to make a truly inclusive wheel.

The ONLINE planning allows the wheels you have created to be brought into you weekly, monthly and termly plans. All skills come direct into your weekly plans and you can cut and paste your content and activities from your wheel. Take all the skills direct into your pupil assessment by clicking on the skills you have completed that week. 

The ONLINE pupil assessment programme allows you to track all the outcomes each child has completed with a comment and date together with a built in Red Amber and Green traffic light system. This enables you to show progression, personal development and performance of every child in your school. The reporting function gives you the ability to print out reports for individual children, groups, classes or the whole school, showing the outcomes comments and dates they were achieved. End of year reports at the touch of a button. 

The SEN resource gives you a complete inclusion development programme with all the outcomes to allow you to be creative, integrating all pupils with special needs into a mainstream creative curriculum, helping them to achieve their full potential.

"The Creative Learning Journey has freed our staff from the shackles of a stale and overly prescriptive curriculum model. Being a special needs school, our curriculum has to be flexible and dynamic in response to the needs of a whole range of learners. The Creative Learning Journey has provided us with the perfect platform to achieve this. Our pupils and staff have been able to work collaboratively to develop imaginative and exciting themes that encourage the acquisition and development of new and fundamental skills to ensure that every pupil realises their full potential.
Teachers, Support Staff, Pupils and Parents are far more involved in the planning and evaluation process thanks to the user friendly format of the Creative Learning Journey. The doors of our classrooms have been opened wider to our parents and family members who have been inspired by the children’s learning presentations shared at the celebratory events at the end of each term. In short, The Creative Learning Journey has proven to be a breath of fresh air, bringing with it real and sustainable change to the way we teach our lessons and learn together as a school community."   

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