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What is the Creative Learning Journey?

Hundreds of primary schools rely on the Creative Learning Journey to save their teachers time and energy – allowing them to focus on the ‘real’ business of teaching and learning. The Creative Learning Journey (CLJ), developed by teachers for teachers, is an imaginative, online planning and assessment tool that automatically tracks the National Curriculum. Teachers can both create their own cross-curricular ‘topic wheels’ or use and adapt thousands of wheels created by other teachers. Pupils are engaged in exciting and stimulating lessons and teachers benefit from a simple planning, tracking and assessment process.
The CLJ development team – headed up by a former Head Teacher – has converted the National Curriculum into straightforward Learning Outcomes for pupils from Year 1 to Year 6. The fully updated CLJ allows you to tailor-make a cohesive curriculum that enriches learning, meets the needs of your particular pupil profile and fulfils the government’s requirements.
With the CLJ, your staff can:
·         Create topic-based schemes of work that feature the Learning Outcomes pupils need
·         Import these activities easily into daily, weekly and termly plans
·         Monitor progress and coverage of individuals, classes and groups using a ‘traffic light’ system
·         Automatically track coverage of the National Curriculum and the Learning Outcomes
·         Access the CLJ library, which contains thousands of topic wheels created by fellow professionals across the UK
In short, the CLJ simplifies planning and assessment for your teachers – including those with children of mixed ages and/or abilities and those with pupils working to P scales – giving them more time to deliver quality teaching in the classroom. In addition, we offer free induction training for new subscribers and 24/7 support.
So, if you’re looking for a resource to get you ahead, look no further.
"The CLJ fits so well, that we know we are still providing the National Curriculum. But the CLJ is so much more than just a curriculum; it gets children motivated and excited in learning, it provides a very strong focus, it relates to the learning needs of every child."

The National Curriculum coverage tracker - available NOW

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