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The Creative Learning Journey .... every child matters


The leading skills-based creative curriculum for all primary schools

Our vision is based on the principles of 'Excellence and Enjoyment' and 'Every Child Matters'. CLJ aims to underpin, support and improve children's learning in the basic skills resulting in staff and pupils being enthused about teaching and learning in cross-curricular themes.

It’s time to get a skills based creative curriculum that covers and tracks all the National Curriculum – with the evidence - Automatically


Why do we need training ?

As a successful company, supplying schools with a unique and comprehensive curriculum package, our experience has shown us that schools investing in training are able to design their own creative curriculum more quickly and implement it more effectively.

In-house training has many advantages apart from being the most cost-effective use of funding:

  • The day is tailored specifically to the needs of your school – meeting whole- school, group or individual needs

  • Training can be product based and/or address wider issues pertaining to your school.

  • All staff – both teaching and support – can attend at no additional cost

  • Under supervision, a ‘hands on’ technical training session teaches staff to use all the resources with confidence

  • Training days can often result in useful strategic work being completed e.g. Long term planning

  • Our trainers can share ideas and suggestions from other schools
Although every school starts its curriculum journey from a different place, it is important that staff within each school start the journey together. A training day clarifies the starting point, maps out the route and identifies an agreed destination by inspiring staff to share the vision that will take your school forward.

The CLJ has moved forward over the last few years – with new functions on the online Wheels, Planning and Assessment, Teacher tracking, shared wheels, NC auto log tracking, weekly plans and the ability to attach documents and evidence, visual progression in Assessment – any many more new functions to help teachers have a fun and creative curriculum.

Our training sessions get booked very early – so if you feel your school could benefit from being brought up to date, contact CLJ on 01634 716222 to book a training session.


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