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Feedback Testimonials

"It really changes the way I teach. The kids love it."

Thank you so much for your prompt service. We are really excited about our new venture.
Kind regards

Links to schools using the CLJ

  • Freedom to explore a topic in more depth, or explore a particular area of interest generated from children or staff.
  • Less time constraints on the timetable.
  • Able to exploit the cross curricular links and incorporate maths and literacy.
  • Both teachers and children are able to be more creative.
  • More enjoyable for children and teachers, and children have been enthused by the themes.
  • Teachers have noticed that children are demonstrating a better retention and recall of key facts/skills when they are taught through a theme.
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Many thanks for your visit and your enthusiastic and positive presentation.
We have had a staff meeting today and the teaching staff have agreed that they want to start with the published wheels and then we will plan our own for the summer term.
Dear Des
Thank you for your time on Wednesday morning. Your visit was very informative and your passion and belief in CLJ was apparent.
Dear Des,
Thought you'd like to know that we have just been inspected and maintained our "outstanding" grade which we also got last time we were inspected in December
Creative Learning Journey came out very well in the inspection.  I did try to get the draft  report changed to name CLJ in the bit when they refer to "the newly revised curriculum" but they wouldn't allow it!   It does talk about "Wow" events though so anyone in the know will recognise it!
Parents also gave very good feedback about CLJ which was great!
Debbie Hoy

Hi Des
Many thanks for the presentation it was excellent. The order form has been signed and should be off today. Once you receive it,is there a possibility we could then get online to start viewing the materials over the holiday while we wait for the printed materials to arrive?
Best wishes

The ‘Creative Learning Journey’ scheme of work that we are adopting for the Junior part of the Prep school addresses this challenge by teaching the children to be adaptable, self-reliant and creative whilst fostering excellent research skills. If you haven’t heard of this education resource then I really do urge you to have a look at their website. The school’s focus on creativity will help the older year groups to become independent learners too. The projects that our students are engaging in will challenge them and force them to become problem solvers; this is perhaps the greatest skill we can teach them.
Adrian Cooper
We've been adapting our curriculum extensively to make learning more exciting and our creativity has really paid off.
Following the children in their learning has been inspiring and has also taught me a few things!
Matt - Coventry

Dear Des
The creative curriculum has made a huge impact upon the way the children learn in our school. They are excited by their learning and are able to develop a wide range of skills that they will be able to carry with them throughout life. Parents and governors throughout the school have also commented upon the impact that this new curriculum has had upon the way the school looks and upon the standards of the children’s work
The Creative Curriculum at Brookham
At Brookham we have recently spent a great deal of time planning for and introducing a new highly creative curriculum which draws together many of the elements of the overall curriculum into a series of engaging topics for each year group. The idea behind this is to provide the children with learning experiences that draw them into their learning and engender in them a love of researching new information and being totally involved in what they are doing.
The skills that the children build as they move through these topics are truly astonishing. The research and presentation elements of the topics ensure that the children build on their existing knowledge and understanding as well as build excellent communication, presentation and research skills which will be so important to them as they move through their educational adventure and move out into the world of work. - Liphook Hampshire
Hi Des
Just to say a huge thank you to you for getting things moving so quickly for us at the end of term despite my best efforts to mess with the log in details. I was able to get log in details out to staff to begin having a browse over the hols. We are all really excited about bringing change to the way we approach our planning. I can honestly say that it was a real boost to moral as energy levels slumped with the mayhem of Christmas planning and events!
Look forward to catching up in the New Year. Have a great Christmas.
Kindest Regards
Ben - Three ways SEN School Bath
Dear Des,
Just a note to let you know that we have had our OfSTED Inspection and they liked what we were using for our Creative Curriculum thanks to the ‘Creative Learning Journey’. Staff are growing in confidence and we have developed some good wheels. We have a visit from a Helicopter tomorrow and so we have a whole school topic wheel for the week. We have also had our R.E. Inspection and one of the questions asked was did we have a space for our Catholic R.E. Scheme to fit in? We have been using the footprints to identify the individual topics (‘Walking in Jesus footsteps’) which I felt was appropriate.
Thanks for your help,
Anne Walker (Mrs)
Headteacher - The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Northampton

Creativity is what drives the curriculum model and there is a high degree ofownership and flexibility among staff and pupils in the learning experiences they plan. The cross-curricular approach is the bones to hang the body of learning on. Clear and careful cross-curricular planning gives cohesion and purpose to their studies. Their curriculum flows are detailed and comprehensive, showing learning opportunities and emphasising the links.
JP - Thamesmead

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