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Frequently Asked Questions

How does CLJ help develop a Creative Curriculum & how does the curriculum help teachers?
  • A creative approach to learning enables pupils to engage in imaginative, original and purposeful learning activities which stimulate and excite them, giving them a sense of achievement and paving the way for them to become life-long learners.
  • Learning outcomes are clearly defined so that teachers and pupils have a clear understanding of what is being learned.
  • The planning process makes cross-curricular planning quick and easy so that teachers can incorporate several subjects into an exciting and stimulating topic.
  • Pupils can be involved in the planning process taking ownership of their own learning, incorporating elements of different experiences and cultures.
  • Children can self-assess and teachers and children together can set challenging learning targets in any subject.
  • Engagement and enthusiasm in the classroom creates a positive learning environment where enthusiasm for learning generates positive and purposeful behaviours.
  • Clear, targeted learning outcomes enable ALL pupils to experience success which in turn raises self-esteem for even the most challenging pupils. Many of our CLJ schools have commented on CLJ’s positive effect on even the most disadvantaged pupils.
  • The ability to access each others’ wheel enables part-time teachers and classroom support to keep in touch and contribute, and specialist language or music teachers, as well as subject specialists to both support and monitor the learning through the school.
  • The CLJ automatically tracks the coverage of the NC providing a running record, saving time and enabling planning to focus on new learning.

How does CLJ improve learning?
The CLJ combines the statutory content of the curriculum with small-step learning outcomes that indicate, in simple language, what learning is expected. Both teachers and pupils are clear about what is to be learned and when success has been achieved leading to motivated pupils and lessons planned to challenge pupils and to take their learning forward.

Can I make my own wheels?

Yes – once you have purchased the CLJ you will be given the passwords to enable you to access the site to create your own wheels and use or get ideas from wheels made by other teachers.
How has CLJ been received by Ofsted?

Ofsted said that this is “an outstanding curriculum which meets the needs of all the children”.
Can I see your resources on approval?

CLJ is an online resource and so can only be viewed on screen. You can view a selection of sample pages on our website.
We can arrange a FREE online demonstration of how the CLJ works, call now to book a conference call and online demonstration. 01634 716222

How can I see the CLJ in action?

This is one of the most common question we get asked. There are now hundreds of schools throughout the UK and overseas using the CLJ and many schools welcome visits by other Head Teachers. If you contact CLJ on 01634 716222 we can suggest suitable schools in your area.

Can CLJ come to my school to show my staff?

Yes – The CLJ can provide an in-school presentation of the online topic wheels, planning and assessment. The presentation lasts approximately an hour and a half, depending on the questions. To book a presentation or a FREE online demonstration please contact CLJ on 01634 716222

What do I get with the CLJ?

The CLJ online planning and assessment tools provide you with a supportive framework on which to build your unique, exciting and challenging curriculum to meet the needs of the children in YOUR school. Visit the website for a free 5 day trial.

What is CLJ doing about revisions to the National Curriculum?

The new National Curriculum is included in CLJ
 CLJ remains committed to supporting schools in creating their own individually tailored curriculum whilst still meeting the statutory requirements. The CLJ meets all aspects of the 2014 National Curriculum, and we will continue to ensure that the Creative Learning Journey can be used with any revised National Curriculum.
All updates to the CLJ will be free for subscribers update include 15/16 changes.

Can I buy parts of the CLJ?

No – the CLJ is a complete curriculum from 0-5 through to year 6 and includes the first year’s annual subscription to online wheels planning and pupil assessment programmes in the 7 areas of learning.

Do you give discounts on your resources?

The CLJ resources are already excellent value for money, and in fairness to all schools we do not offer discounts; however when a cluster or a group of schools in a local authority purchase together as a bulk order we may be able to offer a discount.

Does the CLJ track the National Curriculum?

The CLJ tracks all learning outcomes in the foundation subjects and NC statements in the core subjects so you can see what you have done and what you have not covered. It also links to the 2014 National Curriculum and shows you what parts of the National Curriculum you have covered and what parts you have not. A complete record of all subject coverage and National Curriculum coverage is available for you to check at any time. All you have to do is to remember to create your Tracker Log for each class each academic year.

What support do I get with CLJ?

The CLJ operates a 24 hour support line to help guide you through any difficulties you may have. T: 01634 716222.

The CLJ provides on-going technical support and advice by telephone 01634 716222 or email Please also remember to check the step by step user guides by clicking on the "OWL" .

Does the CLJ meet the National Curriculum?

Yes, the CLJ covers the core knowledge of the National Curriculum in two ways. The core knowledge of the foundation subjects has been written as ‘I can…..’ learning outcomes to help pupils to identify their learning and assist teachers in assessment.
In the core subjects, where the learning requirements are more clearly defined, the statements are taken directly from the National Curriculum.
Since schools are required to create their own PSHE programme, the CLJ has retained the previous guidance - based on Every Child Matters and SEAL – so that schools have a firm foundation from which to start. Also, in RE, the previous guidance has been retained as a support for schools in developing their own RE curriculum.
The National Curriculum coverage is automatically tracked when you tick either the Learning outcomes or statements for each subject.
Is the CLJ a cross-curricular tool for learning?
Yes, because Learning outcomes from any area of the curriculum can be linked using the CLJ framework. Many hundreds of cross-curricular plans have already been created for teachers to use or adapt.
Can I share CLJ with other schools?

You can share your topic wheels with other CLJ schools. All other CLJ resources are subject to copyright and are sold under licence to the individual school.
Does the CLJ cover the EYFS?

The CLJ materials cover the EYFS with the 0-5 skills and the online wheels and assessment in the 7 areas of learning.

How do I get a username and password?

Your school is issued with a username and password when you purchase the CLJ resources. The username and password is given to the Head teacher.

Who can use the username and password?

The username and password can only be used by teachers in the school. Each school completes a form with a list of users and their names. Teachers have to enter their name as per the list supplied by the school to gain access to the online resources.
Can I phone to order the CLJ resources?

Yes. Please contact us on 01634 716 222 to discuss your requirements. We will require a purchase order and our order form completed.

When do I have to pay?

You will be invoiced after receipt of your online resources. Payment is required 30 days from date of invoice. Any school requiring a payment plan option should contact us on 01634 716 222.
Does the Pupil Assessment Manager give me reports and charts?

The Pupil Assessment Manager provides reports and charts for any child, group of children or whole class or school. The reporting function will allow you to see progression for a child, a subject, or a class. You can use the reports for tracking learning outcomes, progression or areas of learning.

Does the CLJ Pupil Assessment cover all skills and outcomes ? 

Yes, The Pupil Assessment Manager is an easy to use management tool that allows you to check coverage for each individual child, group, cohort or class. It has a Red, Amber, and Green Traffic light system built in.
Is the Creative Learning Journey recognised by any official educational body?

• It was initially funded by the DfES and Bexley Council
• It is also recognised by the Leading Aspect Award

How does the CLJ fit into the Foundation Stage’s seven areas of learning?

The CLJ extends the principles of the Foundation Stage into Key Stage 1 and Lower KS2 and Upper KS2 
In other words, it builds upon the Foundation Stage’s seven areas of learning.

How does CLJ fit with ‘Every Child Matters’?

The statements – particularly in PSHE - were developed using Government documentation, including ‘Every Child Matters’, SEAL and Excellence and Enjoyment.

Does CLJ cover all years – Nursery to Year 6?

Yes, the resources contain all the learning outcomes for each year group – 0-5 through to Year 6 in the 7 areas of learning.

Does the CLJ - Have the P-Scales

All the Learning outcomes from P levels to year 6 are available, to take the levels from P scales into EYFS and years 1 to 6. This gives teachers the tool to set realistic and challenging goals for children.

How does CLJ work with a mixed age school?

The CLJ is an extremely flexible system which allows teachers to select statements from any key stage to meet the needs of the children within each class. This means that, regardless of age, the learning encountered by the pupils can be tailored to take them forward in any or all subjects depending on their ability.

What if I have mixed age range years?

The CLJ online wheels, planning and assessment tools is flexible enough to cater for any combination of ages from the smallest rural schools to infant, junior, primary schools and SEN units.

How much does it cost for a day's training?

The most efficient training is always on-site and ALL staff can be involved. The cost of a day's in-service training is £200 + travel.
Please phone the office on 01634 716222 to book a date in the diary. Alternatively email
Training can be delivered online. Ring to book a online demonstration.

Can I have the training held as a day for the staff in my school?

You can have a day's in-service in whatever area you wish. We can tailor the training to suit your needs exactly. If you prefer more emphasis on one area than another, that’s fine. We can provide what your school needs. Our trainer will contact you direct to discuss your requirements.